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Be Excellent to Each Other
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Twitter: featherchan
I hope everypony is spending the day with family and friends :)

I wanted to draw something new but haven't had the time, so here's an Xmas card from the archives ^^

Pinkie and Pinkamena XMas Card by feather-chan

Merry Christmas :D
Since I've been mostly quiet the last few months, I thought I'd just let everyone know what's going on.

School and work.

Yea, is boring. I'm working full time and crunching week-to-week for school, and just haven't had much time to draw. I don't think I've turned on either of my art computers for several weeks now. It sucks. I missed Halloween and Back-to-the-Future day, and I probably won't have time to do anything for the holidays either.

For the foreseeable future, any time I have to art will be Luna and the Doctor related. I'm trying to script the next installment, and have a few panels sketched out. No ETA on delivery, though.

— feather
It's taken me a while but I've finally decided to open commissions. .-. Face Putting monetary value on my work is a thing I've never been good at.

"Pencil" sketches - $6US per pony
Color - $10US per pony
backgrounds - $10US+ (depending on level of detail)

Contact me in the comments below, through Notes, or email me at , whichever you prefer.

A few guidelines / details: 
  1. I don't ship canon x oc. I don't hurt characters, or do dark, etc, etc. 
  2. Payment through Paypal as this is what I have available to me.
  3. I reserve the right to post commissions here on my deviantArt and sometimes my tumblr or derpibooru, with a little footer pointing back here. Other than that, they're yours to post on your dA, tumblr, edit, etc.


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Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! by TechTalkPony
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Try farting straight into your pants?
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When will you feel like opening up commissions?
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how are you?
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your a request artist or comission artist, I forget ^^;
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I've never been able to assign value to my work in order to solicit commissions, otherwise I would. :T So I've been taking requests. 
Cryptic-91 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
ah :D cool, well if you open for requests I got one
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